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Xamun Task Board

The Xamun Task Board is a flexible task management app suitable for any type of project. It’s an all-around app for you to keep track of your deliverables. This way, your project is always on time. With Xamun Task Board, all you need to do is add a new project, gather your teammates, and start working on your tasks right away.

Setting up your Project

Once you add a project and select Task Board as the board type, the Project Setup will automatically appear. In this window, you can change your project duration, upload important documents, and add/invite more team members as needed.

In here, you can also set the Timesheet Approver and Helpdesk Manager for the project. Selected teammates will automatically have Xamun Timesheet and Xamun Helpdesk on their Productivity Dashboard. Helpdesk Managers will also have the Ticket Board tab in Xamun Project.

Monitoring Task Progress

Once you're done setting project details, you can start customizing the swim lanes on the task board, which correspond to the status of your tasks. The Task Board initially has swim lanes labeled as “ToDo," “In Progress," and “Done," but these can be easily edited by clicking on the swim lane label. When editing swim lanes, you can also define the WIP (work-in-progress) limits so you’ll be able to manage the number of tasks under each lane.

To update the status of a task, simply drag the task card and drop it to the next lane on the right, or set its status inside the task card (see below). When you drag-and-drop a task card to the next lane, the status of the task will automatically be updated.

Creating and Assigning Tasks

To create a task, simply fill out the blank fields in the task card template found on the Masterlist or click on the + button on the Masterlist header. Set task details such as its description, status, deadline, man-hour estimations, subtasks, and assignees by clicking on the task name. You can even share updates via the discussion thread inside each task card.

If you didn’t assign a task while filling out task details, you can still assign it to someone or to yourself in the Task Board. Assigning a task to someone is as simple as dragging the teammate’s photo into a task card. This will automatically drag the task from the Masterlist to the first lane to the right.

Assigning a task to yourself involves dragging your own photo into a task card, or dragging the task card to the first lane to the right of the Masterlist when you’re viewing your own task board.

The Task Board is available in Xamun Project, one of the six online apps in Xamun Productivity for Business accounts. For $12/month per user, get everything you need to manage projects, people, and clients.

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