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Shorten your build runway and improve your burn rate like never before. Xamun empowers you to turn your ideas, wireframe, or technical specs into working software in no time!


From brilliant idea to brilliant app in no time!

Launching a startup is tough - and as a founder, you have to do so many things outside of building your software such as validating your customer’s pain-points, raising funds, pitching to potential customers, and so much more. If you’re seeking to create customer- or external-facing web and mobile apps, you need a lot of customization and flexibility that most low-code platforms cannot provide - not to mention they charge a fee just for your customers to use the software.

With Xamun, launch your startup product in as fast as 6 weeks and go-to-market immediately!

Faster & cheaper vs outsourcing ground-up development

With Xamun, you can have a fully-functional software without the long waiting time andhigh costs because you don’t have to build all software components from scratch

Fully custom software with unbeatable flexibility

You have full control over how you want your software to work and look - 
including having control over hosting and additional cybersecurity measures

Ideal for fixed digital transformation budgets

Unlike low-code platforms, you won’t need to continuously pay for subscription fees
while you use the software built using Xamun.

You own the source code and IP

After you’ve built your software, you will own the source code and you can enhance its features and maintain its infrastructure and performance on your own or with us


Build quickly and
start selling your
software in no time


We’ll build it for you

Have an expert team of engineers and project managers to estimate, 
scope, build, test, and launch
your custom app

Build it yourself

Use our automated software development platform to build your own custom software using a visual designer and drawing from a library of components

COMING Q3 2022

How Xamun Can Lower Your Project’s Risks


Scope Creep

Visual development doing Xamun brings the process to “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG), meaning the design is tightly captured and you won’t miss even the littlest of details


Change Requests

With ground-up development, change requests cause cascading effects on your software’s quality and stability. With Xamun, your software will be easier to configure - automatically


Delays & Costs

Because your software is built automatically, the different variables that lead to delays are reduced substantially. In addition, building with Xamun means lower contract risk, because we only charge a fixed price for the scope of the software.


Build Continuity

Oftentimes, you deal with difficulties updating your software because the original team who built it is no longer available. With Xamun, Anyone who knows C# and Flutter can maintain, grow, and enhance your software.


Quality & Scalability

We spend less time fixing errors/bugs and stabilizing code because everything has been built to ensure market-ready quality. Furthermore, software built on Xamun have a microservice architecture, so you can start small and gear up to scale.



Software built using Xamun comes with multiple enterprise-grade security measures, from Authentication-as-a-Service, to access control for APIs, to DDoS Attack Monitoring & VAPT audit - with optional additional security hygiene measures.

Top Software You Can Build with Xamun

By App Type

Web App
API & Backend

By Industry

Field Services
Financial Services

By Use Case

On-Demand Services
Insurance Distribution & Sales
eCommerce Marketplace


We know how critical time-to-market is.
We’ll make it happen for you.

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