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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Automated Web App Development


What is Automated Web App Development?

Launching software fast is critical for every business across industries. However, software development often depends on millions of lines of code which result in increasingly complex products and decreasing time to market. A swifter, easier alternative, Automated Web App Development is a software development method that can deliver high-quality software in a short period of time compared to building everything from scratch. By definition, automated web app development is the process of leveraging automation in various aspects of the software engineering process to produce better software, apps, and solutions faster, more effectively, and with higher quality.

Automated web app development is one of the best ways to accelerate digital transformation in your company. It empowers you to accelerate digital transformation as it enables the development of fully-functional, high-quality cloud-native software at record speeds powered by automation. What’s more is that automated web app development brings custom-built software minus the headache, unacceptable timelines, and high price tags.


It's Time for You to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Your Business

Launch market-ready software IN WEEKS - powered by AI, automation, and open-source libraries

Why Xamun is the Best Automated Web App Development Platform to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Co-design the prototype of your own software
10x faster build through AI-assisted expert team
Under 1 week implementation with less rework & bugs
Easy to enhance/upgrade – DIY or with our team

How Xamun Works as a Software Development Method to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Get the speed and simplicity of a low-code app builder, 
but the customizability & sophistication only a dev shop can provide


Co-design your software

~2 Weeks Collaboration


AI builds your software's blueprint & experts customize it

~6 Weeks Internal Process


Bots bring everything together

~0 days Automated Process


Ready for liftoff 🚀 

1-2 Days Collaboration & Handover


Automated Web App Development with Xamun

Custom-built web/mobile app minus the headache, unacceptable timelines, and price tag

  • More customized than no-code

  • Fixed & predictable costs - no license/subscriptions

  • You own the intellectual property

  • Well-documented & human-readable source code


Accelerate Digital Transformation with Automated Web App Development

Build higher-quality software fast through automated web app development

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