Build an app ridiculously fast! From idea, wireframe, or technical specs to 
working applications - our expert team got you covered.

Bring in your ideas and leave the building to us

Most applications have similar features, so why create them from scratch each time?

Managed app development with Xamun elevates the outsourced development experience by closely collaborating with you to design, build, and release your app on time and at the highest quality

Your trusted partner for custom app co-creation

Our in-house team of expert web & mobile developers, testers, designers, and project 
managers will work with you every step of the way to get your application into production

IP Ownership

After we’ve built your app, you have the option to deploy maintain it through our team
or get the code and modify it with your team because you own the IP and the code

Fixed & predictable costs

With a well-defined product backlog resulting from our co-design phase, 
your features you need will be built within the set timeframe and budget


Let’s co-create your custom software & launch it in weeks

What to expect working with Xamun


Design Sprint

Co-design your software with our designers and architects. Tell us what you want to build and we will create wireframes, basic UX, perform technical assessment & architecture. We can further shorten this phase if you have your requirement prototype in Figma or similar. 



Catalyzed Product Build

Co-create with our team who will iteratively custom-build your app using our proprietary development automation tools. There will be regular check-ins across the build phase to make sure the milestones are met based on the full product backlog.



Cloud Deployment

Have your product running on the cloud with the aid of our seasoned cloud engineers. While deployment to Azure is 'one click' in our automated CI/CD, our team also helps optimize your cloud instance for performance & cost

1 Day


Source Code Release

We’ll hand over the source code to your own team for enhancement. Part of this we do a walk through of code structure, documentations and architecture as part of our handover to your dev team.

1 Day

Further enhancement/maintenance work will be contracted separately

What can Xamun build for you?

By App Type

Just to name a few

Web App
API & Backend

By Industry

Just to name a few

Field Services
Financial Services

By Use Case

For example and many more

On-Demand Services
Insurance Distribution & Sales
NFT Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we be able to take the source code and modify it ourselves?

Yes, unlike old-school code generators that churn out compiled & uneditable code, our in-house code generators will handover human-readable source code that your internal team can take and customize or enhance further.

How much of customization work will be left after using Xamun Development Automation Suite?

Around 10-40% of typical software projects will still require full coding, which BlastAsia’s team of engineers, testers, and project managers will co-create with you so you’ll get exactly what you want.

How is using Xamun for eCommerce different from using Shopify?

While no-code eCommerce website builders like Shopify can be used for simple requirements, they do not give you the freedom to completely modify UI and backend logic – not to mention dealing with transaction fees.

How is using Xamun different from getting an open-source solution?

For unique requirements, it’s difficult to find end-to-end solutions that are open-source. Also, we have the expertise to put components together and building on top of the generated code by Xamun.